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Comprehensive, to-the-point video tutorials and practice questions with proven experience in improving student results.
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What is 15 Minute Maths?

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Unlimited access to video tutorials comprehensively covering the QLD and WA Maths Methods curricula.
Hand-picked practice questions and detailed worked solutions targeting common student pitfalls.
The highest quality of explanations with a relaxed, informal presentation style from an expert in the field.
An average video duration of just 15 minutes, ensuring that students stay engaged 100% of the time.


Enough about what we think - how about we hear from some of the teachers, parents, and students who have used 15 Minute Maths?
I highly recommend 15 Minute Maths. My students actively engage with the platform and speak highly of the lessons delivered by Harrison. It is of great comfort to me as a teacher that my students have access to such high quality delivery of the Maths Methods program as an extra resource.
Ross (teacher)
My students can not live without 15 Minute Maths! They love the length of the videos and find it easy to locate the topic they are looking for. The calculator guides are also fabulous. I will, without doubt, attribute their success to this resource.
Billie (teacher)
15 Minute Maths is an amazing program. My current students have said that it has been very useful, and of great help to them throughout the year.
Matthew (teacher)
15 Minute Maths has helped my son enormously in maths, taking him from a D+ to an A- in Year 12, and putting him in a great position for his external exams.
Michelle (parent)
Signed my son up to 15 Minute Maths and his exact words after a week were "it's a game changer". Money well spent!
Rebecca (parent)
15 Minute Maths is a fantastic tool. It allowed me to effectively learn content, and gave me the confidence to answer questions by understanding the mathematical processes behind them.
Lachlan (student)
15 Minute Maths is an awesome tool. Harrison's explanations of topics make them easy to understand. Through his videos, I was able to grasp complex topics that I previously struggled with.
Lila (student)
My whole class uses 15 Minute Maths and we all think that it's such a great tool. It's certainly made maths much less stressful. I recommend the platform to everyone I know studying Maths Methods.
Luke (student)

Used by Australian high schools

St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace

Grace Lutheran College

St Mary's College, Maryborough

Darling Downs Christian School

St Ursula's College, Yeppoon

St Brendan's College

Good Samaritan Catholic College

St Patrick's College, Townsville

McAuley College

Mackay Christian

St John's Catholic
School, Roma

Atherton State High School

Try before you buy

Here's one of our Unit 4 (QLD) videos. Click here for the corresponding problem sheet.

Topic 2.2: The cosine rule.

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We want you to be absolutely sure of the value that our courses provide before having to spend a cent. For this reason, we're giving you free, unlimited access to the following material:
  • Unit 1 Topic 1 (6 videos)
  • Unit 1 Exam (2 papers)
  • Unit 2 Topic 1 (4 videos)
  • Unit 2 Exam (2 papers)
  • Unit 3 Topic 1 (7 videos)
  • Unit 3 Exam (2 papers)
  • Unit 4 Topic 1 (7 videos)
  • Unit 4 Exam (2 papers)
To access them, all you'll need to do is create a free 15 Minute Maths account.

Proven results

Average student results

Before 15MM

After 15MM
  • 99% of students feel that 15 Minute Maths helps them learn content and prepare for exams.
  • 99% of students would recommend 15 Minute Maths to a friend.
  • 96% of students find the short, sharp nature of the videos helpful.


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Why 15 Minute Maths?

How do we deliver value to students in ways that other services can't?

Highest quality explanations

  • Clear, step-by-step explanations of content that are second-to-none.

  • Don't just take our word for it. Create an account to watch our free videos for yourself.

Expert in the field

  • Harrison graduated from high school with a 99.85 ATAR (98% in maths).
  • He also graduated from The University of Queensland studying engineering and maths with a perfect GPA of 7.0.

Short, sharp videos

  • Our courses condense 80 hours of semesterly content into just 6 hours.
  • We've extracted only the relevant parts of the textbook so that students don't have to.

Test yourself

  • Alongside each video, we provide hand-picked practice questions with detailed solutions.
  • Students will gain confidence by tangibly measuring their understanding.

Tailored for the curriculum

  • Our courses are tailored specifically  for the Australian Maths Methods curriculum.
  • Endorsed by the QLD Association of Maths Teachers and Department of Education STEM Hub.

Emphasis on problems

  • We spend the majority of each video on the highest value work - showing students how to solve questions.
  • Our courses cover a number of common exam question types.

Experience with students

  • Our teaching methods iare based on tens of thousands of hours of 1-on-1 tutoring experience.
  • We've seen every common pitfall for students, and our courses specifically target these.

Directly contactable

  • We've provided direct contact details in the footer of the page.
  • Feel free to reach out anytime. We'd love to have a chat about how we can help.


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